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David Newman

Casino & Affiliate Communication Specialist

David is one of Casino Guru's casino & affiliate communication specialists, as his work mostly consists of building and sustaining relationships with company partners. With a strong background in electronics, he has an innate ability to understand and explain how things work, making troubleshooting and problem-solving second nature to him. His extensive knowledge across various fields equips him to handle a diverse range of projects and challenges in the field, making him a valuable asset in any endeavor.

Outside of his professional life, David's deep passion lies in computers, which occupy a significant portion of his personal time. On top of that, he also greatly appreciates the intricacies of design and engineering in automobiles. Food holds a special place in David's heart and plays a vital role in his life. While Italian cuisine is particularly dear to him, he embraces the opportunity to delve into the flavors of Indian or Asian cultures.

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